There are numerous features and benefits from creating your own tipping competition on mysportstips.net.


For Tipping Competition Managers

  • Create a tipping competition where you create & manage the season, therefore opening the door to any league, big or small, around the world
  • You submit the teams, the rounds, create the fixtures, and submit the results. We'll take care of calculating your tippers points and calculating the ladder for you
  • Password protection for your tipping competition making it private
  • Choose a scoring method
  • Choose a cut-off time for each round
  • Choose whether people can tip for a draw or not (ie: in finals you can make people only tip for the winner)
  • Ability to move games around and create extra rounds (ie: if a game has been postponed in round 3, create a round called round 3 catch up, and move the postponed game to that round)
  • Ability to not calculate any scores for a particular game by deleting that fixture (ie: if a game was forfeited or abandoned)
  • Ability to hide the tipping ladder after a particular round (ie: to keep the winner a surprise)
  • Ability to add rounds such as finals on the end of the normal season
  • Automated invitation system and printable posters*
  • Create restricted competition managers who will be able to update results on your behalf say if you happen to be away
  • Display messages to the tippers
  • Time Zones control is implemented so game times are listed local to your tippers
  • Provide web site links to league results and ladders*
  • Provide web site links to teams*
  • more coming soon...

For Tipping Competition Participants

  • A central web site where you can participate in multiple tipping competitions
  • Reminder emails sent to forgetful tippers
  • Easy to use and fast to load
  • Easily view the results of any round and your ranking
  • Manage your details and join additional tipping competitions
  • Convenient links to league results, league ladders, and team web sites (if provided by the Competition Manager)*
  • A date stamp of when you last updated your tips
  • View what other people tipped on and their score after rounds have been locked
  • and more coming soon...


* These features are currently not implemented in the public beta but will be added soon. To view the development status of this website, please click here.